Everyone who has never used our Bots before, can test each one for 2 days without any limitation.
The trial is given automatically when you login on the Bot, but in some cases it wouldn't work (security reasons).
If this happens, send me a private message and i will be checking the failed trials manually and adding it for those who didn't get it.
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Forum Announcement: Virus Alert? NO! It's a False-Positive!

From time to time, some people e-mail me or send private messages claiming that some of our Bots are raising an alert about virus. Well, our Bots DOESN'T contains any virus. It's a false-positive.
If you are afraid, I recommend you to test it on Virtual Machines, SandBox, etc. You will notice that it works properly and doesn't do anything bad at all.

Why would i infect it or something like that? I would lost all my customers after all my hard work.
I've been working very hard to improve our Bots every day and also help our customers with scripts or anything, that would be a waste of time.

@Why does it raises an alert?
I can't be sure, that depends on your anti-virus. It's a false positive, so I believe anti-virus detects it as virus because:
  • As you know, our Bots works by sending mouse clicks and keyboard strokes, so maybe this can the reason.
  • It also reads/saves your Bot's Username and Password to be used on "Remember me" and "Automatically login".
  • Our bots reads game-client memory, so anti-virus may think that's some kind of spy program.

Mostly anti-virus doesn't detects our Bots as a virus, like Avast, AVG, Comodo, Panda, BitDefender, McAfee, Yandex, etc. because it's not a virus.
But some others can detect it as a virus because of their search's algorithm. This "alert" may change from time to time because of their updates. In most cases, it's temporary. All you need to do is tell your anti-virus that our Bots are safe and certainly on next release, it will not be threaten like a virus.


You certainly never heard about someone that have been hacked after using our Bots and never will, because our software is trustworthy.

Anyway, feel free to ask any other question about it by Private Message.

1. I can't install Bot.
Disable anti-virus, download Bot's installer and install it. Then add Bot's executable or Bot's folder to your anti-virus exclusions list, and finally, activate your anti virus.

2. Bot's executable is being deleted automatically.
You must perform the same procedure as above.

3. My anti-virus won't let me run Bot.
Add Bot's executable or Bot's folder to your anti-virus exclusions list.

4. I've done all of the above, but it still doesn't work.
Check Windows Defender. In many cases, even if you have disabled Windows Defender on Windows interface, it still remains active. Then you should try applications that disable it for you or perform the procedures manually that usually ask to make changes to regedit and also to Group Policy.

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