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Activate Cavebot after souls are low

I'm trying to create a script that would allow me to activate cavebot and target when a character has equal to 10 or lower souls. If so, it would go to Label "Start" and hunt normally, if player has reached 200 souls, it would then return to an XYZ position deactivate cavebot and target, and activate runemaker. 

How would I create a such script? I'm not planning to have the character hunt on caves, only on the ground-floor 7.


Honestly, the place doesn't really matters.. You just need to create waypoints to reach the respawn and walk back to runes spot.

Use this script to enable cavebot and go to label 'Go_Hunt'. You can use this script on Persistents.
if soul() <= 10 and getsettings('Cavebot/Enabled') == false and runemaker_isrefilling() == false and runemaker_isondanger() == false then
     setsettings('Runemaker/Enabled', false)
     setsettings('Cavebot/Enabled', true)

Make an action wpt inside after the respawn to check for your soul. If reached 200 souls then go to "Back_Runes", otherwise go to wpt "Start".
if soul() >= 200 then

Then make an Action wpt after walking back to runes place to disable cavebot.
setsettings('Cavebot/Enabled', false)
setsettings('Runemaker/Enabled', true)

So your waypoints would look like this, the waypoints type (Node, stand, etc.) doesn't matters, it's just an example:
000 Node (Go_Hunt) -- 000 to 002 are wpts to reach the respawn.
001 Node
002 Stand
003 Node (Start) -- 003 to 008 are the wpts to walk inside respawn and hunt.
004 Node
008 Node
009 Action (Check Soul, 2nd script)
010 Stand ('Back_Runes') -- 010 to 012 are wpts to walk back to runes spot.
011 Node
012 Node
009 Action (Script to disable cavebot, 3rd script)

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