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Advanced Target
Script 1: A script to turn to monster and cast exori vis/mort. (Targets config 'strike' do not work).
Script 2: A script to use SD/EXPLO/GFB at target if monster have 40% or more hp, and HMM if lower than 40%.
Script 3: A script to use explosion at the best SQM for reach more monsters and do NOT hit players.

possibility scripts work automatic or set by hotkey.


Please, use SEARCH before requesting scripts. You are requesting stuff that already exists on Bot or that a script already exists.

1. castareaspell(string spell, number minCount, optional boolean canTurn, optional boolean checkPlayers, optional number priorityAttacked, optional string monsterNames ...) [boolean]: Try to cast wave/beam spells on at least min monsters. string spell = spell words / number minCount = min amount monsters to cast spell / optional boolean canTurn = Should bot turn or just cast if on current direction? /optional boolean checkPlayers = check if player on screen then don't cast. / optional number priorityAttacked = 0 -> Doesn't matter; 1 -> Spell on any, but try focus on attacked creature; 2 -> Spell on any, but focus on attacked creature if minimum amount; 3 -> Only if hits attacked creature; optional string monsterNames = Specific monsters to hit, leave as empty to hit any.

2. Use Targeting, there 3 settings for each creature which you can setup different approaches depending on its hp % range.

3. shootexplosion(int minMonsters, string Monsters ...) [boolean]: Try to shoot explosion rune on at least min monsters.

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Oh, sorry about that and thank you.

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