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Any chance to make bot work faster?
I have noticed that OTBot is pretty slow, way slower than a human being and I'm wondering if there is any way to make it faster.
I don't mind if it means that it would make it more detectable, I'm used to getting deleted on some of my characters anyway.
I change Looter/Move Delay to 10ms, Console Mouse Action/Drag delay to 10ms but it barely helps.
Using competitor's bot I get 50% more exp/h and profit but I just don't like the scripting there so I prefer to keep with OTBots.
Is there any way to cut further the delays between Bot's actions to make it faster?


That depends on your settings on Bot and your computer (which influences Bot and the game client). Bot works way faster than a human being. I recommend you to check the values that you setup on Console tab, because there you can setup minimum wait between each mouse action, etc.

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My settings are high enough and I also see it's quite slow.
Even with settings: 1ms-2ms its slow. Framerate 144 and interface 60.

Was searching for a looter script and found this

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