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Avoid Beam/Wave doesnt work

I have problem with using wave/beam avoid on Kasteria Bot.

Can u tell me what I'm doing wrong?

I've tried all options. With beams, waves, reach... Never avoiding them. And sometimes just stops and not following monsters on red hp when they run.

I'll not make another topic, but also, my character is sometimes standing and not following monster, when it's running low. Maybe it's all one thing?

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Avoid beam and avoid wave doesn’t works like that, it only avoids when reaching or keeping away from creatures when using a Stance.
If you wanna reach and stay on diagonal then use Approach stance. You should not use a stance with attack mode on Chase, otherwise Bot will try to walk (due to stance) and game-client as well (due to chase), so it will mess up.

When using Chase, Bot will simply check if Chase option is enabled and enable if not. So the game-client will be the responsible for reaching creature.

So, if I understood you good, to avoid waves, I use approach stance and not running mode in client, but staying?

In short, yes.
You should use Approach stance to stay on diagonal and avoid wave make Bot try to avoid waves while reaching creature.
Attack Mode should be on Stand, doesn’t matter if offensive, balanced etc.

Thanks for help! I'm going to try, and I will edit post, if that's working.

When DL Is running, character just looking... Doesn't chase.

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