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Bot doesnt log out when player with skull come in
Hi, i got a problem. Bot doesnt log out when player come with skull, i got in alerts included also position with skull for x log, i got also „logout instead of x log” included but that worked only 1-2 times, now thats not working, any solution?


It's working just fine. My best bet is that you are being attacked from out of your screen, so being pz locked then he reaches you and kills you.
People can shoot GFB on you from out your screen, very far from you and where the game-client doesn't provides information about such player, so Bot will not detect it. Bot can usually detect creatures from 1-2 sqms out of your screen, so if a player is 3 sqms away shooting gfb, you would get hit.

If you believe that's a bug then you should place a report on Bugs section (
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i checked the cam in slow mode, thats true, he goes really fast and shoot gfb before hes on the screen :x


Like I said. This is something common and you can avoid it in several ways such as:

1. By moving your makers to places where it would not be possible to shoot runes from outside your screen, such as on top of a house. Then use option on to detect on different floors (Alerts -> Settings), so you can detect the Players/PK before they go up.

2. Moving your rune makers somewhere that has only one way in and is trapable, then use another character (bait character) to block the way. And use a script to check if this bait character is still online, if he is offline then it means pk killed him and your rune makers should log out.

3. Use the Hp below % alert or create a script to do some reaction when your hp is low, like entering your house something like that.

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