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Bot stop working
Sometimes when i use the computer while botting it simply stop working (or work really bad) or even when i left afk at night the only character that stays alive is the one that the bot app is in focus

Is there any reason for that to happen?

Is there anything i can change on bot config to enable me to use my computer while botting?

I was also noticed that i can't focus on tibia client or the bot will slow down/not work

i'm having the same problem



No application suddenly stops working, so it's more likely that Windows is suspending it, shutting it down or something like that due to user inactivity.

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I don't think that's the case

I feel like whenever i focus on the botting client (realera client not the botting application) the bot get's slow/doesn't loot/target/etc

That will also happens when i'm using any other application like a browser or something like that

If i let the bot application focused it works perfectly if not it doesn't

Although what you said has to be considered, this can be a side effect from what I said above, since Windows can cache data from ram memory on your hd. Also, Bot does not change its speed based on the application window you select, regardless of the situation. The only "problem" that can happen is if you move the mouse in the game window while Bot performs some mouse action, which doesn't seem to be the case.

That kind of management is performed by Windows O.S., based on its settings and your hardware, so I can't do anything. You can try searching for apps that avoid this kind of situation, but that can have other side effects.

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