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@Arkilys is it possible to make script for that if i take target by my main character, then all other characters on follow will target the same person?

and if i change target, my other characters will also change this target?

because i would like to use your script "follow multiple floors" if i unmark target by my main character, then followers also should to do that, and then take follow again

maybe combo with runnes ? I think its quite easy, because i remember it from another bot, there was made like on password, when main character said password for example "combo", then followers were shooting combo sd on target.

Can u make something like that?

Well, it's possible if all the characters are on the same computer, then you could write the targets id in a .txt file and have the other characters read that .txt and attack or stop attacking.

Both codes above should be used in Persistents, with low intervals, ensure it reacts as fast as you need it to.
Use this code on main character.
file.rewrite('combo_target', attacked().id)

Use this code on Makers.
local attackedIdStr = file.readfile('combo_target')
if attackedIdStr ~= nil and attackedIdStr ~= '' then
    local attackedId = tonumber(attackedIdStr)
    if attackedId ~= nil then
        local attackedCreature = attacked()
        if attackedId == 0 and attackedCreature.id > 0 then
        elseif attackedId > 0 and attackedCreature.id ~= attackedId then

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