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Cavebot slow after update
After the latest version of the bot, the cavebot seems alot slower,almost like its lagging.
The spawns where i did 200/h, is now around 125/h.

The looting especially seems alot slower, can take 20-40 sec for it to loot one monster.

Is this something on my end, or that happend after the update?


Bot has not been changed in this way, so it is possible that someone has changed it in the client with some limitation. But try to redownload and reinstall Mastercores OTBot.

here the same is happening, after the update the cavebot got slower, I reinstalled both retrocores and the bot, but it is still slow. I was doing about 47~50k xp/hr, now I'm doing an average of 30k xp/hr. I noticed that it takes a long time in targeting, sometimes passing the mobs and having to come back later, it ends up spoiling the respawn.


Telling that you are doing less exp doesn't means anything for me and doesn't really helps, specially because there are many options about that. But you are always welcome to place a bug a report:
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did what you suggested,still the same result.
i will try define what i think makes the bot slower

looting is nr1,it takes way longer for the bot to loot the monsters.
Targeting is also a bit wierd,sometimes it leaves the mobs at 1-5% hp and goes to the next.
And when its just walking through the spawn, the character walks as i would have 300 ping,but im playing with 80 ms.
Most likley something that he changed in his client after the latest update


This section is about support like "how do i do something", but you are always welcome to place a bug a report:
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You didn't do what I said, because you are still using version but we already have So you didn't redownload and reinstall.

1. That doesn't really helps, you should mention on which step of looting: slow since reaching body? after reaching body? after opening body? before moving first item? after moving first item? etc.

2. That depends on your settings.

3. That's about your computer and game-client, Bot doesn't mess with that and if you are using "Map-clicks only" then it's game-client walking.

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