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Club,Sword,Axe Ring Equip
would like to request a script where it would equip said ring based on the id you put, under the condition that your either attacking or if x monster is on the screen thats on said "list" almost how or exactly how the monster on screen alarm works

the reason i put is attacking or list is cause if your in a spawn you won't wanna use ring on said monsters but if your hunting harder shit the is attacking would be fine cause every monster would be worth using the ring not worth using ring if your at mino tower in dara and you goto kill minotaurs but worth it for guards.


It's kinda frustrating to repeat this, even though it's well highlighted in this section, but in few words: Search before request.
I could not understand why you need the two conditions... Anyway, as I just said, search before request because the script to equip/unequip ring based on you monster that you are attacking already exists on Forums:
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i looked before request, all of the scripts were for life rings or energy rings, tried searching for "equip ring" and "rings" but i only went though the first 3ish pages I said in the post the reason i wanted 2 conditions is depending what i'm doing i can choose to run 1 of 2 i guess just under the conditions if x monsters on screen would be fine

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