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Count gold in nested bp
Working on a change gold script and need it to also count the gold inside nested backpacks. (Ex, First backpack is 19 slots with 1 backpack inside it and both contain gold because the Looter will open next bp).

local goldCount = itemcount('gold coin')
local platinumsCount = math.floor(goldCount / 100)

wait(800, 1200)
say('change gold')
wait(800, 1200)
wait(800, 1200)
wait(800, 1200)
wait(800, 1200)

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As a bot user, I already developed a LUA function that does this.
changegold(string/number container, optional boolean openNextBackpacks, optional boolean backFirstBackpack, optional dontTryPlayers) [boolean]: It will count your gold and try to change gold you. If can also search for more gold on next backpacks and back to first backpack after all.

changegold('red backpack', true, true, true)
This code will:
1. Search for an red bp that's open.
2. On that container window (red backpack), it will try to back to very first bp and open it.
3. After going to first backpack, it will proceed opening next backpacks and count gold.
4. After counting gold, it will speak with npc to change gold, pretty much like the script above will talk.
5. After changing gold, it will go back to first backpack. Notice as last parameter (dontTryPlayers) is set as true then it will wait up to a minute until there are no players on screen. That's to avoid a player blocking npc. If the NPCs on server you are playing can talk to multiple players then setup last parameter to false.

Works perfect, thanks!

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