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Drop loot randonmly
Is there a way to drop the loot, all over the place not only under the character? It is so obvious that someone is botting, thanks.


Not by using Looter, but i will work on that. For now, you can let Looter loots items and make a Persistent to randomly drop items.

What about to pick up items from the floor make it different? Mediviabot had a good auto looter from the floor, cuz it loots bodies from the floor too :/


I’m not sure what you mean. You can use Tools->Pickup items to pickup items on floor.

Im using this but it pick up the monsters bodies to the backpack, u get it?


I really could not understand what you mean.

You should use LOOTER to loot dead monsters bodies.
Tools->Pickup items should be used to pickup items from floor.

You asked to drop loot from dead corpses on random places, not only on characters location. I said that's not possible using only Looter, but that it will be added on next release. And that for now, you can use Looter to pickup to your backpack and then use Persistent to randomly drop around Cave.

how to make an action to drop items on 1 sqm while hunting?


The easiest way is Cavebot->Drop waypoint that will drop items on specific location.

But alternatively, you can use Cavebot->Action waypoint with LUA script to drop items like this (i didn't tested this script):
local Items = { 'battle shield', 'dwarven shield' } -- Items to drop. Item id or name.
local Location = { X = 12345, Y = 12345, Z = 6 } -- Location to drop items.

for _, item in ipairs(Items) do
    while itemcount(item) > 0 do
        moveitems(item, ground(Location.X, Location.Y, Location.Z), '', 100)
        wait(300, 800)

how does this drop waypoint work exactly? sorry, but a bad programmer here ^^

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It drops the specific items (that you setup) on the sqm that you created the waypoint.

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