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Energy Ring On Persistent
I would like a script that equips the energy ring with 60% hp and unequips it with 95%, the ones I found didn't work.

The tools auto ring doesn't leave a life ring equipped if you have the health to take the energy ring.

Can someone help me???? Please i need  that.

Just follow this steps:

1 - Go to Hotkeys Section.

2 - Add New Hotkey.
3 - At Hotkey, press the key to activate this action.
4 - At Type, select Equip Item.
5 - At Item Id, write 3051.
6 - At Location, select Finger.
7 - Check Enabled.

I haven't tested. So test it yourself. I'm just trying to help:

LifeToEquip = 60 -- In percents
LifeToUnequip = 95 -- In percents

EnergyRing = itemid('energy ring')
if hppc() <= LifeToEquip and finger.id() ~= EnergyRing then
    if finger().id ~= 0 then
        moveitems(finger().id, 'back', 'finger') -- If there's another ring equiped, move it to main bp
    moveitems(EnergyRing, 'finger') -- Equip energy ring
elseif hppc() >= LifeToUnequip and finger().id == EnergyRing then
    moveitems(EnergyRing, 'back', 'finger') -- UnEquip energy ring

It should take the energy ring from any opened backpack,
and always will unequip it for your main backpack.
It also check if you are with another ring equiped, and unequip it before equip the energy ring.

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