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FREE Alert if moved far away / "teleported"

Alerts -> GM Detect already detects when you changed your location X sqms always since last check. X = the value that you setup on it. It's "0" by default, which means disabled. It's not 100% on high lvl characters, since you would walk fast there as well.

You can could make your own alerts using Persistents, something like:
local DISTANCE_ALERT = 3 -- If your character went X sqms far from last check then trigger.
local PAUSE = false -- Pause bot?

if LAST_X == nil or LAST_Y == nil then
    LAST_X = posx()
    LAST_Y = posy()

if proximity(LAST_X, LAST_Y, posx(), posy()) >= DISTANCE_ALERT then
    if PAUSE then
I recommend you to use VERY VERY VERY LOW interval on Persistents, like 50 ms or so.

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