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FREE All makers attack the PK
All makers attack the PK

This script will check if character is being attacked by a PK and write PK id in a file. Every other character that's using this same script will check this file and attack PK.
local SAFE_LIST = { 'player one', 'pk two', 'another player' }
local RUNE = 'sudden death rune'
local MUST_ATTACK = false -- Should it attack (red-square) either?

local file_name = 'attack_pk'


if connected() then

    local player_x = posx()
    local player_y = posy()
    local player_z = posz()

    local attacked_pk = false
    local creatures = getcreatures('pfs')
    for _, creature in ipairs(creatures) do
        if creature.isattackme and (creature.skull == 3 or creature.skull == 4) and (creature.posx ~= player_x or creature.posy ~= player_y) and player_z == creature.posz and table.find(SAFE_LIST, creature.name:lower()) == nil then
        attacked_pk = true
            file.rewrite(file_name, os.time(os.date("!*t")))
            file.writeline(file_name, creature.id)
            if MUST_ATTACK then
            useitemoncreature(RUNE, creature.id)

    if attacked_pk == false then
        local time = file.readline(file_name, 0)
        local tmp = tonumber(time)
        if tmp ~= nil then
            if (os.time(os.date("!*t")) - time) <= 30 then
                local creature_id = file.readline(file_name, 1)
                if MUST_ATTACK then
                useitemoncreature(RUNE, creature_id)              

keywords: attack pk, combo pk, makers pk, makers player killer

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