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FREE Anti Idle
Anti Idle

Note that you can use Options -> Anti Idle, but this script does same thing.
local TIME = { Min = 600, Max = 835 } -- In seconds. How often should the script turn around?
local TURN_TIMES = 3 -- How many times should the script turn around?

if NEXT_TURN == nil then
    NEXT_TURN = 1

if runningtime() >= NEXT_TURN then
    NEXT_TURN = runningtime() + random(TIME.Min, TIME.Max)

Hello can you make a script where the bot alerts you that you are idle for 10 minutes or just an alert timer which we can put the time (seconds) we want so we can know it is time to move the char manually.

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You don't need a script, you can use Alerts -> Stand time and setup value for 600, because it's seconds. 600 seconds = 10 minutes.

Yeah i tried that, but the way i am training is not really optimal to keep moving since i am kinda trapped, if you can make for next update if we trigger the stand time after it alerts with  ctrl + arrows, would be wonderfull.


I understand that I didn't warn you before, so don't take this as a "warn" or so, but a kind request for the future: Please, don't post requests inside threads of other scripts, but open your own request thread in Requests section to keep a relationship with the thread's title.

I'm afraid Alerts -> Stand time will not be changed, it will only be related to location. However, you can make your own like the following:
local TIME = 60000 -- In Milliseconds.

if LAST_DATA == nil or LAST_DATA.dir ~= dir() or LAST_DATA.posx ~= posx() or LAST_DATA.posy ~= posy() or LAST_DATA.posz ~= posz() then
    LAST_DATA = { dir = dir(), posx = posx(), posy = posy(), posz = posz(), time = runningtimems() }
elseif (runningtimems() - LAST_DATA.time) >= TIME then
If you are using Options -> Anti idle then you should use the code above in a persistent with very low interval, even so, it might not be able to detect that your character turned due to how fast Anti Idle works.

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