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FREE Equip SSA on damage or low health

This will equip stone skin amulet (SSA) if one of conditions happens:
1. If your health % is lower or equal than "CONFIG.HealthPC.Equip".
2. If Bot detect a message that you received X damage or more. You must have the channel that shows up damage messages showing up. It's usually Server Log or Default.

This will also unequip if your health % is higher or equal than "CONFIG.HealthPC.Unequip" AND if you didn't received damage to equip it in last 4 seconds, but only if equipped due to damage msg!

local CONFIG = {
    SSA_ID = 3081,
    HealthPC = {
        Equip = 50,  -- Equip SSA if your health % (hp%) is lower or equal than this value.
        Unequip = 90, -- Unequip SSA if your health % (hp%) is HIGHER or equal than this value. It will not unequip if you received damage to equip it in last 4 seconds.
    DamageEquip = 150, -- Equips SSA if you receive this damage or more from an attack.

if connected() then
    local health_pc = hppc()
    local amulet = neck()

    if LAST_DAMAGE_TIME == nil then
        LAST_DAMAGE_TIME = 0

    if health_pc <= CONFIG.HealthPC.Equip and (amulet.id == 0 or amulet.id ~= CONFIG.SSA_ID) then
        moveitems(CONFIG.SSA_ID, 'neck', '', 100)
        wait(300, 500)
    elseif health_pc >= CONFIG.HealthPC.Unequip and amulet.id == CONFIG.SSA_ID then
        if CONFIG.DamageEquip == 0 or LAST_DAMAGE_TIME == 0 or (runningtime() - LAST_DAMAGE_TIME) >= 4 then
            moveitems(CONFIG.SSA_ID, '', 'neck', 100)
            wait(300, 500)
    elseif amulet.id == 0 or amulet.id ~= CONFIG.SSA_ID then
        local Messages = getnewmessages()
        if type(Messages) == 'table' then
            local REGEX_DMG_TAKEN     = '^You lose (%d+) (%l+) due to an attack by ?a?n? (.-)%.$'
            for _, msg in ipairs(Messages) do
                if (msg.sender == nil or msg.sender == '') and (msg.channel == 'Default' or msg.channel == 'Server Log') then
                    local dmgAmount, dmgType, dmgCreature = msg.content:match(REGEX_DMG_TAKEN)
                    if dmgAmount >= CONFIG.DamageEquip then
                        LAST_DAMAGE_TIME = runningtime()
                        moveitems(CONFIG.SSA_ID, 'neck', '', 100)
                        wait(300, 500)

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