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FREE Shooting fireball runes on best SQM

This script will try to shoot a GFB on the best possible SQM to hit as many monsters as possible, but will only shoot the rune if you can hit the least amount of monsters you have set.

local Monsters = { 'Ghoul', 'Scarab', 'Stalker' }
local Rune = 'great fireball rune'
local MinMonsters = 2 -- Min. count to shoot rune.
local SafeHealth = 60 -- Shoot runes only if your HP % is higher or equal to this valaue.
local PlayerSafe = true -- Check if there's another player on screen. If so, don't shoot rune.

if hppc() >= SafeHealth and cancast() and maround(7, unpack(Monsters)) >= MinMonsters and (PlayerSafe == false or (PlayerSafe and paround() == 0)) then
    if shootarearune(Rune, MinMonsters, unpack(Monsters)) then

i cant get this script to work :/


This script works fine.

Do i just copy and paste it into console lua manually? im sure it works but do i need to press a hotkey or something? or have BP open or am i just retarded?


You should use on Persistents, not on Console.

nevermind, im a retard! i got it to work lmao

And the same script only on avalanche rune? can someone do "?

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Did you tried changing great fireball rune for avalanche rune?

yes but it doesn't work i would need the same script but swap ID FROM GFB TO AVA

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Yes, it does works.
If you are unable to setup its name try using its id. I think avalanche rune id is 3161

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