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Follow other bot
Trying to make a teamhunting bot and I was wondering if it was possible to share and follow the location of one character with 3 other bots running in the same spawn. I was thinking of synchronising waypoints and maybe writing to file, but I also need them to stay on screen with each other to sio, and couldn't this cause access issues? Would there be any way to make a script to follow another bot without using writing/reading from files?


That depends on your hunt and your characters. I already posted scripts that follow player but those scripts don't guarantee that characters will always be on each other's screen.
You could simply synchronize them based on waypoints like using similar waypoints and action that waits all three are on screen.
Example: Create some waypoint to reach CLOSE to monsters spot and use action to wait until those 3 characters are on screen then keep going to monsters spot. Maybe this will make it easier to synchronize.
So if one character gets lost then other two characters will wait before get into monsters spot.

Would it be possible for a script to send its coordinates to party chat, and another to read those coordinates and reach that location by mapclick? I'm also trying to share refill status between 4 characters. Could you give me an example of how I would parse and send messages through party chat? I can probably fit it to the exact solution I need myself.

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I must recommend you to avoid sending bot messages related in game, otherwise could be an evidence that you are a botter.

I think that refill status will be easier using files or web API's (LUA has httppost/httpget functions).
It's possible to use reachlocation() to walk by arrow keys OR map-clicks, but that won't work like a Cavebot.

You could write a file with the coordinates and make a LUA script that reaches it and waits until all characters are found on screen or so.
But if you prefer by chat messages then use say() function, you can specify the channel you are going to speak and getnewmessages()/getmessages() to read current selected channel. You can use selectchannel() and ischannelselected() to select a specific channel to check using getnewmessages then select default again.
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