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Healing Bug
Died 2 times in 2h bcs of the bot stop healing.

I play on RetroCores, been using the bot for a long time and never died like this before, I came back to the game few days ago, yesterday the bot worked 100% today not. 

I have my healing runes and my same setup as always. I check the cam of when I die and its just keep going with full bot but not healing, its just stop...

Most likely you have a bad setup or using some persistent that’s preventing you to heal.
Notice that you didn’t posted on Mastercores OTBot section and also didn’t follow “How to report a bug” guidelines.

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I had this "problem" too but after alot of testing I have noticed (maybe you have some thoughts on this @Arkilys) that if I leave my mouse above the right side of the tibia window like eq/bags and even the gray part before eq and bags it wont use runes. But if I leave the mouse on the screen w the char or left or chat it uses runes. Can this help?

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