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Help with "ramps"
When using the cavebot and using enable it does not go up the stairs, is there a different command for this or what is the correct way?


You didn't mention which waypoint type you are using for going upstairs. You should use STAND for walking upstairs/downstairs on ramps or so, but Ladder when it's a ladder (use to go upstairs).

When you create a waypoint, it creates based on your current location. By default, "C" is selected, that means waypoint will be created in same sqm your character is standing.
As you can't stand on a ramp (the sqm that actually goes up/down), I recommend you to go to ramps south and select "N", so it will create a waypoint on your characters north, where the ramp will be located. Yes, you could do the inverse, stay at north’s and select "S". However, if you understand how X/Y coordinates works then you just create on "C" and manually edit it.

I always recommend people to use Stand waypoint to go down downstairs/upstairs on ladders or ramps, due to how it works internally and you can read more here:
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If need some kind of visual assist then go to HUDs, enable it and also "Show waypoints", so it will show where you have waypoints on your screen.

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