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Help with script
Good afternoon, I need help building a training script, I want to lure 3 respaw creatures and take them a little far away from point x, because while I train with the ones I looked for, the respaw will happen again and so I won't be too long idle time. But I would like to attack these creatures only when I reach point x, and I never want to be hitting only one, so when there is only one left with me I would like to lure again. What would be the best option for building this script?

Another things, how i can add a delay to atack another mob when one die?
Can i turn face to sul when i get the location if i wanna train?


1. Use Cavebot to walk around to find monsters (and wait you like) and Lure waypoint to specify which SQM Targeting should lure.
2. Use Targeting to lure monsters. You can setup monster count on Targeting, example: 2+. So it will only start luring when there are 2 or more monsters.

# About delay to attack #
Use Targeting -> Delay to atk.

# Turn #
Use Persistents to check your current position and direction. If you are on correct position and not looking south then turn south.
local SETTINGS = { x = 12345, y = 12345, z = 6, dir = 2 }

if posx() == SETTINGS.X and posy() == SETTINGS.Y and posz() == SETTINGS.Z and dir() ~= SETTINGS.dir then
    wait(300, 500)
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