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Help with some commands and functions
I want to ask forĀ help with 3 things i'm trying to do.
I searched the forum and didn't find any solution.

1. Is there some way to turn on and turn off the autofishing via lua script ?
like: autofishing(false)

2. Is there some way to pause/unpause some persistent script ?
like: pausepersistent('script name')

3. Is there some way to open a label, insert a text, and press ok ?
insert the text inside
press ok

Thanks in advance.


#1 and #2
Yes, you should use setsettings() to change bots settings. You can disable/enable fishing and disable/enable a persistent for example.
setsettings(string path, string/number/boolean value) [void]: Changes the path's value.
setsettings('Looter/Settings/Enabled', 'yes')
It's gonna enable Looter.
setsettings('Tools/Auto Fishing/Enabled', 'yes')
It's gonna enable Auto Fishing.
setsettings('Persistents/0/Enabled', 'yes')
It's gonna enable the first persistent. 0 is the persistent index (zero-based).

If you wanna find find the tool's path then you just need to right-click on the option, a small context window will show up, click on "Copy path". The tool's path will be copied to your clipboard (CTRL+C).

writetextwindow(string/number item, string text, optional string locationItem, optional number index) [boolean]
writetextwindow('label', 'Player name\nVenore', 'red backpack')
Writes "Player name
Venore" in a label that's in a red backpack.
\n = new line.

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Just perfect.

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