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Mana Potion/ Uhs/ Etc HELP
How to Add to use Mana Potion but bot should use on hotkey. Now i need to have open backpack of mana potions and he drop mana to the ground if i walk\
Use uhs without need open a bp 


Bot already does that whenever you enable Options -> Use items by hotkey.

1. Ye it work. Thanks Smile. But why the bot didnt use mana potion every time? I mean he use it but like a "lag" sometimes he used it sometimes no, depends on time, Why he isnt it using it right away when my mana is like 25%.
2. The same is with the spells Sometimes he attack "Exori hur" sometimes u need more time or didnt use it. Like very slowly
3. And how to add "Exori hur" etc spells to hotkey too bcs bot writing it at chat
4. Bot didnt open monsters bag


1. That depends on which tool you are using to heal and your settings on it, so I can't guess. For example: there's spam rate, delay to use, etc. I can only say that bot doesn't takes long to do that, it does it very fast, so i believe something is wrong.
2. Same as above.
3. Bot already detects that. If Bot is gonna say something, any text including spells, it will search on your hotkeys first. It also is applied when using items. However, it will not work fine if you use the same GAME-CLIENT hotkeys profile for many characters and changes it, because if you use profile #1 on character A and character B then changes a hotkey for character B, it will overwrite for character A as well, but in fact, the hotkey doesn't exists for character A.
4. It does, if you enable the option on Looter.

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