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Mana fluids and rune making
Heya Arkilys, I'm having some trouble with rune making and getting the bot to run as smoothly as possible.

Using mana fluids (id 6935) to make gfb. When using the 'healer' function, the bot uses the fluids really slowly even when the spam rate is set to 1 ms.
If I use the 'hotkey' function to use item 6935 on myself, the bot uses the fluids extremely fast but perhaps too fast and it doesn't get a chance to cast spells eg adori gran flam
If I use a persistent such as useitemoncreature(6935, id() ) wait (100), it uses the mana fluids faster than the 'healer', slower than the 'hotkeys', but still it seems to exhaust itself and it doesn't cast spells to make gfb.

Would you be able to write something up that spams mana fluid as fast as possible (like the hotkey settings) while forcing itself to cast a spell every x seconds?

Are you using Classictibia Bot? Because you posted on Classictibia Bot's section.

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Ahh sorry, was meant to be in Mastercores

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No problem, i just wanted to make sure. Because Bots can have different LUA functions.

If useitemoncreature(6935, id()) works for you then stick with it. You should play with while, persistent interval or wait.
Notice that you also have Persistent interval, so you could setup its interval "100 to 100" and remove the wai from the script.

You could also check your mp% and wait X seconds when reaching that amount. Keep using mana fluids until you reach mana percent equals to 91% or more, once you reach that amount then wait 4~6 seconds.
if mppc() <= 90 then
    useitemoncreature(6935, id())
    wait(4000, 6000)

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