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Need your knowledge..

I've been using this little part of code on old Realesta, now there's Neveresta that just came out and I were trying to run one of my full afk scripts..

But it seems that it isn't working properly? It reaches the depot but isn't opening it and can't proceed to the further steps (depositting, refilling, . . .)
Tried on multiple depots/cities.

P.S. I weren't sure if it was a Bug so I didn't post it in "Bug Report" section but there, as i'm not sure if i made a mistake in the code or there's a problem with some functions/variables.



People usually confuse locker with depot and use the code like yours, which would work on previously versions.
You actually reach and open the LOCKER then you have the DEPOT CHEST inside it.

So the correct usage would be:

I used to let Bot think when you use argument "depot" to work as "locker", so "depot" and "locker" would work the same way. However, i thought little bit about this and as we have the DEPOT CHEST people could confuse between "depot" and "depot chest", which actually happened and made me change this.

Example: openitem('depot') should it open the locker or depot chest? In my opinion should be "depot chest".

So NOW you must use:
"locker" for locker .
"depot" and "depot chest" works for DEPOT CHEST.

openitem('depot') -- or 'depot chest'

I'm open for suggestions, but i think this way is the better way.

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Hey, this morning tried with your part of code, so locker and that it would open the depot/depot chest, still does nothing, comes near the depot, I can only see the log message "There is no way" multiple times and goes back to hunt, without depositting/refilling items.

Any ideas why? 


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Does the script reaches the locker (means that you must be away from locker) or it doesn't do anything at all?


Yes, it does reach a depot, does nothing (on the old realesta, it used to open the depot correctly, deposit items,...) and then moves to next waypoint.

So the 'reachgrounditem' works well but 'openitem' doesn't react to depots (lockers), can you maybe try to do a quick code that would open a certain... sqm?

ID: 3498 (locker) X: 32647 Y: 31911 Z:8


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