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Not opening bags
My bot is not opening bags consistently, it's like 2 out of 10 bags it will open rest it skips. The "dont open bags" is not checked so it should be looting bags, what am I doing wrong?

There are so many factors… Please, send me your xml settings. Feel free to send by PM if you don’t wanna share with public.

1. Does the monsters drops brown bag or different bags? Perhaps both?
2. What’s your ping?
3. Do you face lag spikes?
4. What’s the value you setup on Looter -> Move Delay?
5. Are you hunting on a place that has others players?

I think I've found the solution, and it was quite the easy one. It seems as if me hovering my mouse over the tibia screen interfered with the looting and such, so now I keep the mouse away from the tibiascreen and it works flawlessly. Thanks for the quick response though

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