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Panic button pause all
Hi sir admin.

Is there way pause all bot/clients in one hotkey if run MC? If i click pause on focused mc it only pause this mc.


No, but you can create such thing by using hotkeys tab.

1. Create a new hotkey on Hotkeys tab;
2. Select that new hotkey;
3. Go to hotkey field and press the key combination you wanna use; Don't use PAUSE key. If you really wanna use that, you must unbind it from Options -> "Pause Bot" hotkey.
4. Type: LUA Script;
5. Uncheck "Client focus required"; This options means when Bot should run this hotkey. If you uncheck this option, it will run whenever you press this hotkey, doesn't matter which window you have focused. If you have this option checked, it will only run this hotkey if game-client or bot of that game-client is focused.
6. Click on Edit LUA Script and add the following code:
pausebot(true) -- This pauses bot, but never unpause
Alternatively, you can use this code to toggle pause.
pausebot() -- This will toggle bot, pause and unpause

You should add that hotkey to add bots of all characters. Notice that if you save/load .xml settings, it will be saved and loaded as well.
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