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[REQUEST] Auto move if stuck for 60s

There is a small bug in the client which makes the cavebot stuck for unlimited time. This usually happens when looting and on client side it moves 1 SQM. In the server it doesnt move this SQM, so it gets stuck. It's easily solved by clicking either left,right,up or down. So I would like to know if someone could make a little script that clicks one of these arrows when it doesnt move for 60s.
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If you are standing still for 60s+ then it will try to randomly move using arrow keys.
if standtime() >= 60000 then
    move(random(1, 4))

super i had same problem and found this topic before asking in priv. where should I paste it? to persistence or to nex cavebot step edited lua?


That depends on you, both tools can run LUA scripts but works in different ways.
Cavebot -> Action will only run the script when you go on that waypoint.
Persistents automatically runs the script from time to time.
Hotkeys -> LUA Script runs the script when you press the hotkey you bind.

So I believe the best case will be in persistents, but as I said, that depends on you.

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