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Randomly Ban
Just to post this here, because several people is getting banned at Realesta OTBOT in new realesta server, people that has been manual exping with bot open have got instant ban, myself got a instant ban and i was not using the bot at all. 

Thats it, there is players getting banned having the bot open, but not necesarily using it.


Maybe you are not being banned because you have bot open, but because you have already used it. On many servers, .CAM is automatically recorded on server-side when you log in, although this is not always available to you, but only to GMs. It's rare or hard to believe that a person opens Bot and isn't using it at all, maybe you meant Bot was open but you weren't using Cavebot or so. An example is Healer, some people use Healer while hunting manually, but if you don't configure it properly, your reaction time might be fast and then you might be detected as a botter.

People can get banned because they are using MC as well. If you are runemaking on 3 characters and is hunting manually on a 4th character, that doesn't means your 4h character is safe. I mean, you will not be safe just because you are hunting manually while using bot on another characters on same computer.

You need to understand that you are playing otservers in 2021 and not tibia rl in 2005, when gms needed proof 100% sure to ban you. GMs were never stupid, it was always easy to spot a common botter, like when a player used to take few seconds to reply while bot kept hunting... But players were protected because CipSoft was a company that couldn't lose customers because of a GM mistake. Nowadays, if the server owner thinks you are a botter and wants to ban you, he will ban you. Servers are not always like companies that follow standards and rules to ban a person.

Anyway, I appreciate your feedback and this thread will remain open as an alert to everyone to be careful.

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