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Require script for loot items with defined stats.
local texts = getstatictexts()
for _, text in ipairs(texts) do
  if  text.message == 'Epic Drop!' or text.message == 'Rare Drop!' or text.message == 'Unidentified Drop!' and text.sender == name() then

Atm im using this code for notice if some drop legendary, epic, rare or unidentified appears on screen, I would need code to read info stats of item for looking for some stat and then save item on backpack in case is choicen stats or discard loot item.

Here you can see stats of different items:
You see legendary leather legs (Arm:4).
Item Level: 28
Experience +1%
Energy Protection +1%
Elemental Protection +1%
Death Protection +1%
It weighs 18.00 oz.

You see a common platinum amulet (Arm:2).
Item Level: 13
Magic Level +1
It weighs 6.00 oz.
It is an amulet of protection.
So great script would be one that when you notice some item of this kind 'rare', 'epic' or 'legendary' get looted then check for stats and in case got some of our stats liked then save on backpack or left it there.

You see unidentified leather boots (Arm:1).
Item Level: 18
It weighs 9.00 oz.

And this is bonuses of weapons/items
Magic Level +1
Two Handed Fighting +1
One-Handed Fighting +1
Distance Fighting +1
X% to deal double damage
Experience 1%
Experience 2% (Extra Rare)
Physical Protection 2% (Extra Rare)

And there is pretty other variables with 2% that also can be rare.

So idea of script would be after notice there is legendary, rare or epic then check for any of stats choicen and then save on backpack.
Else if loot is unidentified item then save to backpack.

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