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Runemaker ? Blank Hotkey
How to avoid having to have an open backpack of black runes for making UHs, add hotkeys didnt work with "Runemaker" page

You can’t, runemaker needs to see at least a single blank to know if it should use the alert or stop make runes to avoid spamming spells without a blank.

If You have many bps then just open the last one or so.

You can also use Persistents to do that like:
if mp() >= 120 and cancast() then
    cast('adori gran flam')

Thank You very much bro <3
And Mby u have idea how i can use "Wait" For Action bot Cavebot, I Use Your scripts from this forum, its perfect, but when my soul go down he automatically run bot, and my cavebot going to "all nodes" without stop.
I have labels Node " Hunt" , Node , Node "Start" , Stand "Back_runes , Action but he walking i try to make it wait something like this? wait(1000*60)


wait(1000*60) would work just fine on Cavebot -> Action waypoint, it would wait for 60 seconds.

Cavebot usually skips waypoints when it's not reachable or wrong z positions, for example: You are on Z 3, but waypoint on Z 4.

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