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Hello good afternoon !

I would like to request a script to use utani hur only when out of pz and only when above 50% mana

Another script I would also like to request is for moving items from one bp to another !

Example, I dropped a skull staff in the Camouflage Backpack, I would like to move it to the brown backpack automatically!

The looter to go straight to the secondary bp is not working

if not hasted() and hasflag(conditions(), 16384) and cancast() then
    cast('utani hur')

local ITEMS = { 'skull staff', 'demon shield', 'boots of haste' }
local FROM = 'camouflage backpack'
local TO = 'brown backpack'

for _, item in ipairs(ITEMS) do
    if itemcount(item, FROM) > 0 then
        moveitems(item, TO, FROM, 100)
        wait(300, 500)

Looter works fine you setup the correct destination. You can use container name, index or id.

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utani hur script did not work
Only the move items script worked


That depends if the server you are playing returns that information "pzone" on player status (like battle signed, etc). If not then Bot cannot detect pzone unless you use a LUA Script that checks for sqms and you setup sqms that are pzone. Another way is to DISABLE Tools -> Auto Haste (or persistent that casts haste) before walking into pzone.

Let battle sign go away then stay in pzone and run this command on Console tab:
It will print a number, which is character's current conditions, on Console tab. If it prints 0 then server doesn't returns such information and Bot will not be able to detect as well.

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Realmente não funciona :/

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