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Sending parcel

Is it possible to send a parcel? Buying and sending are not a problem. But is it possible to make it write in a label?

You are using Kasteria OTBot, so you should had created that thread on its section. There's a big section for each Bot.
You also created thread in wrong minor section (LUA Scripts) instead of Requests. So i'm moving it to the correct location (Kasteria OTBot -> Scripts -> Requests).

Yes, it's possible!
[bool] writetextwindow(string item, string text, optional string itemLocation, optional int itemIndex)
writetextwindow('label', 'Player name\nVenore', 'red backpack')
Notice that '\n' means new line. So it will use a label that's on a red backpack, write:
"Player name
Venore" (without quotes) and close it.

Thank you!! sorry for posting in the wrong section!

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