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Some script requests (Say exani tera on cavebot, pickup items from ground)

Ill start doing some 100% afk scripts for this bot.

I need some scripts to work on cavebot please.

1.say exani tera, or say whatever I want trough cavebot per example exura sio "XXXX (Im saying it becouse could be different scripts with ")
2.Script to pickup items from ground to main bp until get X items in bp) per example pickup from ground to main backpack "10" "SD".
3. script to pickup X items to ammunition place (per example pickup 52 arrows)
4.script to drop items in X sqm 
5. script to turn on cavebot if X item
6. action to just turn off cavebot.
6. if X cap go to label > (per example, if <10 cap, go to label DP)

all this scripts to be used on ACTIOn of cavebot, please.

I know some functions I'd asked for is already disponible on tools, but btw I need it on caveboot, just to do it more organizated,

thank you =)


First, i recommend you to read LUA Functions & Variables thread:
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It has the answer for most of your requests. In fact, there are at least one script that you requested that's built-in bot already.
4~5 of 7 scripts that you requests are a simple function that be found on thread above or already has been posted on forums, so you use search to find it:
|Only Registered members can see download links. | Click here to buy subscription or here to register.

I have no problem helping people, but in this case it seems like you haven't even tried to search on forums about those codes. So I'll just post the hard ones or so, and just give you tips on how to find the easiest ones.

1. Search for "say" function on LUA Functions & Variables;

local ITEM = 'sudden death rune' -- name or id
local COUNT = 10
local CONTAINER = 'blue backpack' -- you can use container name or index here.
local LOCATION = { X = 12345, Y = 12345, Z = 1 } -- Ground location to pickup.

ITEM = itemid(ITEM)

local item_count = itemcount(ITEM, CONTAINER)

while item_count < COUNT and topitem(LOCATION.X, LOCATION.Y, LOCATION.Z, false).id == ITEM do
    moveitems(ITEM, CONTAINER, ground(LOCATION.X, LOCATION.Y, LOCATION.Z), (COUNT - item_count))
    item_count = itemcount(ITEM, CONTAINER)

3. You are not clear about if you are going to pickup from floor OR just to refill arrow slow. So if from floor, you can use script above or search for "moveitems" function on LUA Functions & Variables; If you are going refill arrow slot moving from an open container to arrow slow, Built-in, search on Tools->Refill Arrows.

4. Built-in, Cavebot->Drop waypoint.

5. You are not clear about. If item on backpack, on floor, on equipments?

setsettings('Cavebot/Settings/Enabled', false)

7. Search on Forums for "Capacity Checker".

plese action IF < x items, goto LABEL...


if itemcount('mace') < 10 then

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