Everyone who has never used our Bots before, can test each one for 2 days without any limitation.
The trial is given automatically when you login on the Bot, but in some cases it wouldn't work (security reasons).
If this happens, send me a private message and i will be checking the failed trials manually and adding it for those who didn't get it.
We are looking for resellers who may accept payment methods different from ours, including classictibia's cash, realesta's cash, mastercores' cash, etc. Interested? Click here at anytime.

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The Battle of Botters on RetroCores
I just wanted to check in how this is going?

Is the bot going to be safe to use on Cleanera or is it doomed? It was working for a little bit, most likely due to your process / window name change. 

There's a few problems though.

1. He's collecting local data from our machines, yet, there's no EULA or information about him doing so.
2. What data more than IP / HWID / Processes might he be collecting?
3. Would it be possible to Sandbox the Bot, into local Client?

There's been bots around since the start of Tibia, surely, 2022 won't be the year where they finally make botters go away?

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