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The HW-id situation.
As it is right now, many OT owners have started incorporating HW-id checks together with IPs to make sure we dont use excess clients at the same time which is causing alot people to either use laptops with VPNs or virtual machines with VPNs to get around it. As it is with the bot right now, we need to be paying for several keys in order to accomplish this, and I dont think that should be required. I get that you get more money from us by having us pay for extra keys every month, but honestly Im starting to look into just making an AHK script do what your bot does instead. Dont get me wrong, your bot is great and Id rather be using it, but having to pay for 2-3 keys is too much IMO.

My suggestion: Add an extra HW-id per email account. The server Im playing on right now has dedicated staff that checks mac-addresses and cross checks with IPs every single day. People are getting banned by the boatload. Something except for "buy more keys" has got to be the answer. Thanks.

Thanks for your suggestion, it’s always appreciated.

In short, I’m afraid that will not happen.
The service is entirely based on hardware-id. If you wanna use on multiple computers then you need an user with a license time for each computer.

Most users don’t do massive multi-client. Users that massive MC usually does for money making. So for those users, if they wanna make money like that then they should find a way to bypass that limitation on game-client.

I'm sad to see you somehow “devalue” my work, but I respect your opinion. I worked and still work very hard to update Bot, whether to make improvements or add compatible servers for example. But I also help with LUA scripts and stuff.
I totally disagree with you about you shouldn't pay to use it on another machine, specially because the service is based on hardware-id. I don't plan to change my service charge because you want to use it on several machines due to checks made by the server where you play.

There are ways to change the hardware-id for game-clients. So that’s the way you need to find out.

You certainly develop AHK scripts to make macros or even more advanced stuff, however, unless you are skilled and know what you are doing then you will not achieve even close to what OTBot does. I’m not saying you can’t, but that it requires skills and time.
Maybe you can easily create Runemaker macros, eat food, etc but can’t make advanced cavebot, targeting or even a auto responder.

Yeah Im no saying I can make a better or even similar bot, but I have already made a few runemakers and such in ahk, they suck compared to your bot ofcourse. Here's an idea instead then, make a light version of your bot and make it be a one time purchase, make it include a basic runemaker and fisher or something. I bet it would sell like ice cream on a hot day. Just a suggestion.

You really have done a good job on this and I get that it was alot of work. A programmer friend of mine did some checking into what it would take just to break the encryption on the server we play and lets just say he gave up pretty quickly. Anyways, its fine regardless, was just a suggestion. Have a good one.

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