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Tips for targeting paladin

Can you say any tips how to set good targeting for circle atackingĀ and lure on cavebot for paladin? I want to make giant spider script


That depends on your hunting spot, there's no perfect settings or so for all respawns.

If you must keep distance running to the same spot while killing a specific respawn, then i recommend you to use "Lure waypoint" and "Lure and Keep Away", so you will force Bot to always go there.

How "Lure" works:
Lure waypoint -> It doesn't walks, just saves the waypoint position as the "Lure position". Targeting will use it on Lure stance. So if you have multiple "Lure waypoints", when running a lure waypoint, it will overwrite the last position.
LUA->setlurelocation(number posx, number posy, number posz) [void]: Set a lure location to Targeting. Pretty much like Lure waypoint, but using LUA.
LUA->getlurelocation() [table]: Return a table with information of the current saved lure location.
Lure STANCE will always try to reach the position saved. If there's another stance then do it, example: Lure and Circle -> Lure and once reached the position will start doing the stance "Circle".

You can also use Targeting->Special Areas to make Targeting avoid specific SQMs. So you can avoid some dangerous sqms that could let you trapped or so.
Using Special Areas and Persistents, it's possible to make an advanced script like enabling/disabling special areas to "trap" your character inside a specific area and let it running around a big "rock" or so. Then after killing the monster, disable special areas and go lure another one!


X = special areas
. = sqms that you can walk.

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1. Persistent will disable special areas after killing monster. So "X" will become ".", so character can go outside and lure more monsters.
2. Use Cavebot and targeting to find and Lure the monster to a specific place, which should be one of those "."
3. Once you lure and reach a specific place ".", persistent will detect the position and ENABLE specifics special areas, so it will become like the screen and Bot will not go outside due to the special areas. Then the only place to run would be around the rock.

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