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There are no videos like basic tutorials?
healing, cavebot, targeting?
I looked on youtube and found nothing, any other bot exists MANY basic tutorial videos.. it seems that you guys like to answer messages here forum instead of creating videos. I don't understand.


Please, understand that the text below only expresses my personal opinion. That means that I am open to a discussion as long as it is constructive and with good arguments.

I agree and disagree at the same time. Although Videos are a great source of learning, sometimes they are limited and complicated because of the language barrier. Of course, there are automatic translators but they can't always translate the exact meaning.

Most "other bots", their tutorials were created by the community and not the developers. Of course, there are exceptions, but usually when the bot is extremely complicated to use, even for Targeting, which is not our case.
Our Bots have a GUI that is intuitive and easy to understand for most tools, in addition to being similar to other bots, so most users already know what to do.
But feel free to contribute and create video tutorials on any Bot tool. I will be very happy, because you will be contributing with our community.

I believe that a "basic tutorial" in video would be, perhaps, a waste of time, because I don't remember anyone having asked how to make Targeting attack, and that would be the basics.
For example:
1. How to attack a monster: Select the Targeting tab, click Add Creature, write the creature's name. Finally, click Enabled.
2. How to make runes: Select the Runemaker tab, select the spell and mana conditions. Finally, click Enabled.
That's very intuitive.

Of course, there are tools that can have several options that would not be covered in basic tutorials. And that's why I created a thread detailing what each option does:
|Only Registered members can see download links. | Click here to buy subscription or here to register.

So yes, I prefer to write texts on our Forum than basic video tutorials, because a thread on the forum gives the possibility to extend and answer questions that users may have and even to simplify the search for other users.
Finally, I'm not very good at creating videos and that requires a lot of time. So I prefer to spend my time thinking about new features and working directly on Bot (improving or fixing), which is already time consuming. In addition to helping people on the forum. Believe me, there are many people on a daily basis! This amount of people could decrease if they had the "sense" to look before asking me (there are exceptions, obviously, like urgent matters), and ask directly in the sections, exactly as you did.

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