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What are some ways to avoid getting banned?
I use the bot to make runes in a placeĀ other people don't see me, so I think I'm not getting reported.

But even if you don't get reported, what are other ways they detect players using bot?


There are hundred ways to be banished, that depends on GM only.

Sometimes you don't even need to be reported. A GM can check random players that are online or even check players because of the amount of hours they are online. I believe there is no standard for you to be investigated.

Using multiple characters on the same computer can make you a botter. I know that GM usually checks at least two characters if they are performing actions at the same time or something like that. That may not be the case, but like cavebotting two characters, etc. Sometimes, just the fact of using several characters can accuse you of being a botter in the GM's view, since a normal person wouldn't use 10 makers at the same time.

Cleanera has automatic detection. Is there a way to avoid?

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