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X-Ray with more than monsters

Is it possible to make a X-Ray HUd with more info than monsters?


Like what?
You can use getcreatures() function on HUDs to make your own LUA script to display some information's from it.

Im looking for hidden places, so I basicly need to see if there is any walkable tiles under me. Also if it's possible to see deeper than +/- 2.

So instead of monsters showing on HUD, I want "stone tile", "muddy floor" etc.

thanks for fast reply


I think that you need a Level Spy, right? I will try to develop such thing, but I don't know how long it will take or even if I will have success.
Alternatively, you can use gettile() (or gettiles()) function to grab information from tiles (including different floors) as long that information is given to the client. So you could devleop develop a LUA script to work on HUDs to show IDs like X-RAY or just print IDs on console then check manually.

I will try to make a simple lua script, just for console, like you said.
Thank you!

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