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this action does not deposit the items in the backpack, it opens the backpack but does not deposit the item inside it.

Do you have any action that counts how many animals you've killed for the task?


I don't know which action you are talking about because you didn't posted it, so unfortunately, i cannot help you with that.

In fact, I already added a function to count the amount of creatures Bot killed according to TARGETING (Targeting->Count killed creatures) and the amount of creatures that Bot looted according to Looter (Looter->Count looted creatures), but this may not be 100% accurate.
However, I forgot to add a LUA function to return these values when i released Realistic OTBot v1.0.2. But i already rebuilded it with the function, so if you redownload and reinstall Realistic OTBot, this functions will be available.

The LUA functions are:
killedcount(string creature_name) [number] Returns the number of a specific creature that Targeting attacked until it was killed.
if killedcount('troll') > 300 then

lootedcount(string creature_name) [number] Returns the number of a specific creature that Looter tried to loot.
if lootedcount('troll') > 300 then

As i said, this functions will be available only if you downloaded Realistic OTBot AFTER this post.

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