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auto priv on screen
hello i need script which will send me a private message form subchar to my main char when see someone on screen is there any posisility to fix it?

Try add

say(string text, optional string channel) [void]: Speaks defined text in defined channel, if channel not defined, speak in default.


if paround() > 0 then
say("*nick* Player on screen", default)

not working


Woocash just forgot quotes on Default. It should be 'default' instead of default. So i just fixed it, added variables to make more easier for you to edit and added a small delay to avoid spamming.
local PLAYER = 'main character'
local MSG = 'player on screen'

if paround() > 0 then
     say('*' .. PLAYER .. '* ' .. MSG, 'Default')

thanks now it works but still writing that "player on screen" instead of name of character which appears on the screen is that possible to fix it ?


Yeah, because you didn't requested that. You just asked to send a private message to your main character when a player appears.
local PLAYER = 'main character'

local creatures = getcreatures('pfs')
for _, creature in ipairs(creatures) do
    say('*' .. PLAYER .. '* ' .. creature.name, 'Default')

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