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character dont eat food form cropses
character dont eat food form cropses,only 1times at 10 hes trying to eat.
anything i can do for better hp/mp regen ?


There are couple reasons like:
1. You are probably using low values on move delay. Example: you ping is 300 but you are using move delay 150-200.
2. There may be people looting same corpse.
3. Some persistent can be performing some action.
4. Your mouse at the game-screen is overriding Bots input. On this case, you can use Options -> Block Input ~
5. The food may be not in our database, this is likely if is a custom food. On this case, you can find that food id and post here so I can check it (skip method 1):
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You can make Looter loot that food and use a Persistent to eat that food.

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