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depositor error
Picture says it all  I tried copying the settings promise script I downloaded that already had a depositor



Something is missing, because those functions doesn't exists.

I also removed the image because it leaks your character's name.

theres no lua for cave bot to do those functions

I’m not sure what you mean. The functions that you/your script is trying to use doesn't exists. This means the script that you have doesn't creates that function or so.
So the script may have been created for another bot or the script creator had a private library that you may not have placed in the library folder or he simply did not share it.

Note that anyone can create a "library" with lua functions. The functions of this library to be available for all tools that use LUA. You just need to create a .lua file in the "library" folder in Bot's directory. When starting Bot, it executes all the .lua files that are there.

Or even create a function within Actions or Cavebot-> LUA Setup so that it is available in Cavebot for example.

An example is the "custom.lua" located in library's folder. It has the code
function helloworld()
If you just run this function on Console, it will print "hello".

but thats what i don't understand i download the edron goblins script from
|Only Registered members can see download links. | Click here to buy subscription or here to register.
and the bot will deposit with out me putting anything in the library section but when i copied the actions into a script i was making thats when i got the error also in the cave bot section i click lua setup and i get this

-- Do not forget to edit ( Healing / Mana Trainer Tool / Refill Ammo Tool ) to your needs --

-- Hunt Options --

CapToLeave = 30

AntiStuck = true -- Anti-Stuck function? Will start moving to try to find a waypoint if you are in the hunting place. Does not always work-

-- Depot Options --

DepotNonStackableBP = 'Blue Backpack'
DepotStackableBP = 'Purple Backpack'
DepotRuneBP = 'Grey Backpack'

NonStackItems = {  }
StackItems = { 'small stone'}

-- Backpack Options --

MainBP = 'Green Backpack'
LootBP = 'Green Backpack' -- Can be the same as MainBP if you want to take loot into your main backpack.
GoldBP = 'Golden Backpack'
RuneBP = 'Backpack' --- Don't need it if not using runes.

----------------------- DO NOT EDIT BELOW THIS LINE --------------------------------

-- Other Options --

Depositer = true

if HuntWithUH or HuntWithHMM then
    RuneWithdrawer = true
    RuneWithdrawer = false

-- Ammo Options --

AmmoRefiller = false -- Set it to false if you won't use ammo hunting.
AmmoName = 'bolt'
AmmoPrice = 3
AmmoToBuy = 1250
AmmoToLeave = 250

idk how i get all this into my bot


It does not work because you have copied the code that creates the function or, but only the code that uses the function.
The code that creates those functions is located in Cavebot-> LUA Setup.

but i'm asking why does it work with this 1 script when i download the script is that function included?


It does works, i downloaded the same script and tested it. So you are doing something wrong.
I'm pretty sure the LUA setup is WAY BIGGER than that you posted, so you probably didn't copied everything.

As you are talking about a specific script then you should ask the script creator for help directly.

i didn't post all of it just a example because idk how he got that set up when anything i've seen doesn't have any of that for a tutorial.


I see, but that script works.

He didn't "get it", he CREATED it and I decided to use it this way. There are many ways to use Bot's functions or so, there's no "best" or "only way" to, you can use it in a number of different ways. You will probably only see the most basic forms in tutorials.

Although it is not the best way, he let the function code in Cavebot-> LUA Setup, because all the code that is there will be executed in all the tools that runs LUA scripts (Cavebot, Hotkeys, Persistents, etc.).
I particularly prefer another alternative, but this way he did it avoids some problems.

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