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heal friend
i need a script to heal my friend but only when my life is safe i found one searching the forum but it seems to be bugged now !

local FRIENDS = { 'knight one', 'friend to heal', 'another friend' } -- Players to sio.
local FRIENDS_HEALTH = 50 -- If hp% is lower than this then cast sio on friend.
local SAFE_HEALTH = 80 -- It will only cast sio if YOUR HP% is higher or equal than this. If you wanna ignore your hp, just setup as 0.

if connected() and cancast() and hppc() >= SAFE_HEALTH then
    local creatures = getcreatures('pfs')
    for _, creature in ipairs(creatures) do
        if creature.hppc <= FRIENDS_HEALTH and table.find(FRIENDS, creature.name:lower()) ~= nil then
            cast('exura sio "' .. creature.name)
            wait(200, 400)

reporting this error  01:22:26 - Core:Lua:ExecuteScript
|Only Registered members can see download links. | Click here to buy subscription or here to register.
|Only Registered members can see download links. | Click here to buy subscription or here to register.alt="Big Grin" title="Big Grin" class="smilie smilie_4" />oString:SIO EK: 8: '<name>' expected near ','


The script above works just fine. You are doing some bad change on the script.

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