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loot channel
is it possible to setup script to open only when drop certain equip displayed on the loot channel ??
can anyone help?

Not using Looter. The reason that Looter don't has this option is because you would need to have Loot channel selected. So you could not use Alerts->Selected Chat Msg alert, which would let you way vulnerable to a GM or player.

I can see two possibilities here:
1. You could make your own Looter using LUA Scripts. I know that maybe you requested something like that, but don't expect it from me.
2. Using some kind of combination using LUA scripts to use getnewmessages() to check for loot messages and disable Looter when loot is not good and enable it after few seconds. This will not work perfectly at all and you may miss some loots, but would work somehow like you need.

My goal is actually tell you that it's kinda hard to accomplish what you requested.

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 Thanks for the advice!

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