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window rename
so I would like to ask to add a parameter also to disable the rename by default as retrocores has that server there that can use bot so I wouldn't have a problem not to rename the screen, and as I use a lot of bots at the same time it would be easier for me to identify which bot is for each machine

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in this case, you could use the same parameter as kasteria, but with the inverse effect

-rwnames = Disable random names on Bot windows


You already can disable "random names" by using -disrwnames.
Bot doesn't renames to "RetroCores", it does pick a random name.

Note that by doing this, you are exposing yourself, taking more changes of being banned. But obviously it depends on the server you are playing on. However, you could open some breach if you are playing on more than one RetroCores server. For example: If you are playing on Solera (which you can bot), but also playing on Harmonia, you will take changes of being detected or reported as cheater. I honestly don't know what's the RetroCores owners approach about that.

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regarding that don't worry I know perfectly well why these features were added it's a system for the "antihack" not to detect but as i'm in solera that's why i don't care about this exposure

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