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Explosion Rune
Would it be possible to let the bot line up 3 dragon lords, then shoot explosion rune and then if needed, line up the dragon lords again so that the bot can always hit 3 dragon lords?

Also, how exactly does this function work:
shootexplosion(int minMonsters, string Monsters ...) [boolean]: Try to shoot explosion rune on at least min monsters.

I have tried the following:

if hppc() >= 60 and cancast() and connected() then
shootexplosion(2, 'Dragon Lord')
wait(1000, 1500)

For some reason it didn't seem to work so perhaps I'm doing something wrong.
Like I said, it would be even better if the bot could walk in such way that it tries to line-up the dragon lords so it can hit 2 or more DL's with the explo.

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This is a bit complicated, you would need a code to read the tiles around and try to make movements to align the 3 dragon lords, not really easy.

shootexplosion is supposed to shoot explosion runes on sqms that may hit listed monsters if that shot could hit at least X monsters.
shootexplosion(2, 'Dragon Lord') it will ONLY try to shoot a explosion rune on a sqm if it hits at least 2 dragon lords. If there's a better sqm that would hit 3 dragons, it will do as well.

Will it work if i manualy set monsters in line?

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