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FREE Automatic Gold Converter
Hi guys

I did my best in creating a script which automatically converts gold into platinum coins.
I think it can be written more efficiently, but i've tested it for multiple days and it's working smoothly.

You need to run both of these scripts at the same time and have your arrow slot empty:
if itemcount('gold coin', true) >= 100 then
     moveitems('gold coin', 'belt', 'Blue backpack', '100')
if belt().count >= 100 then
useitem('gold coin', 'belt')

if belt().name == 'platinum coin' then
moveitems('platinum coin', 'Blue backpack', 'belt')

You can change 'Blue backpack' into any backpack name you like.
It is the bacpkack of which it takes the goldcoins (1st script) and also the backpack to which it returns the platinum coins (2nd script)

where i put this scripts ?



You can also use this script as well.
local containers = getcontainers()
for _, container in ipairs(containers) do
    for __, item in ipairs(container.items) do
        if (item.id == 3031 or item.id == 3035) and item.count == 100 then
            useitemslot(item.index, container.index)
            wait(200, 500)

Works fine thanks you so much

This doesnt work for me at all, I want it to turn gold coins into plat and leave them in the arrow slot but it only leaves one then moves it back to backpack and if I stack the ones I've already got, it moves them back to the backpack.

The script above is not supposed to move to arrow slot.

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I still cant manage to make it work, you made one that should have started stacking but it wont. 
Is there a way for it to start stacking it in the arrow slot? All plats turned going into the arrow slot, or stack in the backpack?

The one you just made in the other post still wont stack unfortunately :/

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